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We are a driving school in Kendal that offers quality driving lessons in Kendal, Windermere & Ambleside, plus surrounding areas.


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Amy Wood Amy Wood, Windermere

Thank you for being a great instructor, shame about the jokes but yeah, thank you.

Willow Longmuir Willow Longmuir, Ambleside

Thanks to Wayne I passed first time . Wayne made the process so simple and easy for me.

FREE Theory Test App

Get your FREE theory test app now! We want to be the best driving school in Kendal, that's why we are now offering you a free theory test app for you or your friends to use. This is just one of the many resources available from Pass It Driving School.

  • Discount Lessons

    My lessons are heavily discounted to provide you will GREAT value and save you money.

  • Experienced You Can Count On

    Whether you are driving for the first time, struggling to pass or just to need to brush up on your skills you can count on me.

  • Convenient Scheduling

    To make it simply for you to manage your life, my lessons fit it with the time that suits you best.

  • Quality Instruction

    I deliver the highest in quality driving instruction, focussed on you passing 1st time.

We even offer a genuine guarantee

  • Lesson Price Guarantee

    I promise that despite rising costs, your lesson price will not increase without at lease 3 months notice giving you a chance to pass your driving test first.

  • Guaranteed Safety

    We are passionate about improving road safety and as part of that we guarantee to provide a safe learning environment with our fully insured modern Dual-Controlled Cars

  • Guaranteed Support

    Whichever level of service you choose from us you will get our guaranteed support to help you learn safely and pass the test.

More Guarantees Here

  • Guaranteed Confidentiality

    We recognize that your learning is private and personal to you. We guarantee never to discuss your progress with anyone else – nor will we ever share your personal details with any other company for business purposes without your full permission.

  • Guaranteed Value

    We guarantee you will receive full One-to-One Tuition and not share your learning with others in the car.

  • Guaranteed Offers & Discounts

    We guarantee to make sure that any offers and discounts are available to all out valued customers.

Book Your Lesson Now - 07882 148 215

Why Choose Pass It Driving School?

Pass first, pass fast, your only choice when it comes to learning to drive...

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I've Taught Many To Drive & I'm Ready To Teach You!

These are just some of the reasons why students choose me to teach them how to drive...

New easy to drive car

Successful students

Friendly instruction

Pass first, pass fast

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Book Your Lesson Now - 07882 148 215

Tim Hawkins Tim Hawkins, Woodland Hills

David thank you for helping me pass my test at the first attempt. Now I can safely enjoy the freedom of the open road...

Ruth Hopkins Ruth Hopkins, Westwood

Thanks to David I passed first time . David made the process so simple and easy for me.

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