What Is Learner Driver Insurance?

Learner Driver Insurance

Learner driver insurance is great if you want to practise in your own car… a car you know you will be driving once you’ve passed, or if you want to get in as much driving time as possible before your test or to practice what your driving instructor has been teaching you.

We have a number of learner-driving insurance companies that we recommend to our learners which can help get you on the road to practice.

Why Is Private Practice Important?

We at Pass It Driving School with years of experience have seen first-hand the difference private practice can make to the chances of learner drivers passing their test the first time.

Whilst consistent weekly driving lessons with your PASSIT instructor will ensure you know all you need to be able to pass the test, private practice can open up chances to get on the road at different times of day, or days of the week, helping you gain valuable on-road experience, perhaps giving you that edge when it comes to dealing with something new happening on your test.

Private practice can also help you get the hours in you need to nail those pesky manoeuvres that can sometimes cause unnecessary stress or worry on the day of your test. Or maybe you need a few more hours to practice those unusual junctions or road layouts in your local town/city. Either way, be sure both you and your supervising driver (be it mum, dad or family friend), all use the ‘Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive’ book.

Our Insurance Recommendations

Marmalade Insurance

Marmalade Insurance

Marmalade’s Learner Driver Insurance offers a comprehensive, affordable and flexible way to insure drivers aged 17-34 who are currently planning or in the process of learning to drive..

They’re there for you at every step of the driving journey, offering simple and affordable ways for young drivers to get behind the wheel.

Collingwood Insurance

Collingwood Learner Insurance


Collingwood Insurance Services UK LTD were voted the BEST Young/Learner Insurance provider by the DIA (Driving Instructors Association).

The DIA are the UK’s leading professional body for driver and rider training and education. Helping to improve the safety and knowledge of Learners and Instructors across the UK.